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• Assessment Sounds and Brainwave Rhythms to
Find a Person’s Metabolism or Home Note.
• 48 CD downloads you can distribute to clients: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta in each of the 12 notes.

• Detailed Instructions and Videos on how to do an Assessment.

How it Works

Detailed clinical research studies show that when binaural beats are tuned to you, they are much more effective.

You play each of the 12 notes and rhythms and tune into which one makes the client the most peaceful and calm.  Often the client can tell which one feels the best. 

You then give them 4 CD downloads to listen to as appropriate times throughout the day to get their brain back to a stable, consistent peaceful state.

You can do the assessment in person, with or without a Sound Table / Lounge, or it can be done over Zoom.

The Brainwave States

Binaural beats are created when two tones are detuned from each other by a small amount. When you have two speakers playing the two different frequencies simultaneously, the two sounds cancel each other out as they physically meet in space. For example, if you have 100 hertz and 102 hertz you will hear the difference tone of 2 hertz. And, because this is in the frequency range of Delta, it will entrain our brain into that brainwave state, normally within one minute. The science on this is well proven. If you hook up an EEG unit to your brain (which picks up brainwave frequencies), you will see the brain synchronize to the rhythm.

This has opened up an entire field of brainwave entrainment CD’s (just do a search on the web for “binaural beats”). The Monroe Institute calls it Hemisync. Centerpointe calls it Holosync. You will find 100’s of songs with binaural beats on YouTube.  However again, they are much more effective when tuned to you.


.5 – 3.5 cycles per second

This is the frequency that your brain vibrates at when you are in deep sleep. Deep sleep is a very powerful state — it is when we are directly connected to Source being regenerated. Therefore, these frequencies can be used to help you to get to sleep and to sleep throughout the night. They can also be used to give you needed rest without having to go into complete sleep. Delta is also associated with deep meditative states so it can also be use to entrain you into a state of deep peace.


3.5 – 7 cycles per second

This is the frequency your brain goes into when dreaming. This could also be daydreaming. It is actually a very creative state where people often receive downloads or other creative inspiration. Therefore, it can be used before doing any type of creative brainstorming or artistic endeavors. Theta is also a state that you go into when listening to the Shaman’s drumming in Journey Work.


7-13 cycles per second

Alpha is relaxed attention. It is the ideal state for learning and sports. It is also a very creative state, particularly when problem solving intuitively versus mentally. It is very powerful state that can be extremely helpful for better concentration.  It can also help with memory loss.


13-20 cycles per second

Beta is our normal day to day waking consciousness, especially when doing mental processing such as studying, thinking about your schedule, figuring out anything, or reading this text. The main type of ADD/ADHD is where the brain doesn’t go fast enough to access Beta. Therefore, they commonly prescribe speed. However, you can simply listen to binaural beats and entrain the brain into Beta to overcome ADD/ADHD with no side effects.


> 20 cycles per second

Gamma shows up when in a high state of meditation and is associated with a state of bliss.

Left/Right Brain Synchronization

Whenever we listen to any rhythm, whether is any drum beat or rhythm in music, the breath of a purring cat, a washing machine, or the slow oscillation of a crystal bowl — we can be entrained into a specific brainwave state associated with that rhythm. However, when you wear headphones, you get a second benefit. When you listen to one sound in the left ear it goes to the right brain. The sound in the right ear goes to the left brain. The brain then connects the two frequency across the Corpus Callosum — the part of the brain that normally functions to connect the two sides of the brain.

When the left and right brain are synchronized this is our optimal state. Most people are rarely in a state of left/right brain synchronization, so it is quite incredible to be able to access this state almost immediately simply by listening to binaural beats on headphones.

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The Benefits

Peace is the key benefit. 
When your brain and nervous system is vibrating consistently
at its own natural rhythm,
Peace Ensues.


Anxiety is a chaotic vibration.  The rhythms tuned to your brain easily create a stable, consistent vibration in the brain of peace and stability.  All five of the brainwave states are good for overcoming anxiety.  


Depression is a chaotic vibration, normally within the Theta brainwave range.  Alpha and Beta brainwave CD downloads tuned to your brain help lift you out of depression to an alert state of peace and stillness. 

PTSD and Trauma

PTSD and Trauma are chaotic states that are embedded in the nervous system.  All 5 of the brainwave states tuned to you are helpful for stabilizing the brain and nervous system and getting your whole system back into coherence.


Alpha brainwaves tuned to you are the very best for Learning.  It is a state of presence and alertness where there is no thought — where the brain is still and ready for new information.

The main type of ADHD is that the brain can’t go fast enough into the Beta brainwave state.  This is why they give speed or ritalin to speed up the brain so it can access Beta.   Tuning the Beta binaural beats to a person activates the Beta brainwave state in a perfectly peaceful way so a person can focus, concentrate, think and retain information again. 


Theta is the main creative brainwave state.  It is like daydreaming where new ideas for art or music often come in.  It is also the state where the brain is when in heart coherence (gratitude, compassion, love and Oneness).  Therefore, it can be used to help access these states. 


Brain injuries create chaotic rhythms across the brain.  Tuning the music and Binaural Beat brainwave rhythms to the natural rhythm of the person’s brain before the injury has been incredibly effective in getting the brain back to its own natural healthy consistent rhythm — dramatically increasing recovery time.  All of the brainwave states of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma tuned to the person are good for getting a person back to where they can focus and enjoy smooth flow of energy through the brain.


The ideal state for sports is Relaxed Alert Attention.  Alpha brainwaves are the best for this when tuned to the person.

A Theta brainwave state is the ideal state for recovery because it is when the body is totally relaxed and in “the zone.”



There are many research projects (particularly those by Jeffrey Thompson) that show the effectiveness of using Binaural Beats within the range of .5 to 4 hertz to entrain the brain into Delta for sleep — particularly when the Binaural Beats are tuned to you by doing a brainwave assessment. Besides using the music and VibroAcoustics before bedtime, the research also shows that by reducing the amount of stress in the body and mind throughout the day, the body is better able to drop into deep sleep at night. 


Clinical research has shown that tuning Brainwaves to a person with Autism is incredibly effective. 


Just like a Brain Injury, the brain goes into a chaotic vibration when Alzheimer’s is present.   All 5 Brainwave states can be extremely helpful for moving the clock back in the progression of Dementia.

The Assessment and Remedy

You play each of the 12 notes / rhythms and look for when the person is at peace.  You also ask them to tune in to which one is the most peaceful, calm and still.  You can often see it in the rhythm of their breath.  When the breath is relaxed it will match the rhythm of the note that is theirs.  With a little practice you can just sense when they are at peace.

You then send them 4 CD downloads (included) to listen to throughout the day.

Here’s the song we have in all brainwave states and all keys.


I was beat up in a bar years ago and was in the hospital for a month.  I was on adderall for 10 years.  One week after doing the Brainwave Assessment I was off the adderall and back to my old self completely.   I am the note and rhythm of B. – JC

I was in a motorcycle accident and flew across the intersection and incurred a serious brain injury.  Using the brainwave CDs tuned to me, I was back to normal in 2 weeks.  – Timur

l listen to my Alpha every morning.  When I listen the Theta I’m able to completely go into the zone and often access Source energy.  – David 

My ADHD was so bad I could never read or focus on anything for years.  After 1 month my ADHD is completely gone.  Unbelievable.          – Janis  

I have dementia and using the brainwave CDs has set back the clock in years  – Jonathan

The war was not good to me.  I became a recluse.  The brainwave music has made me no longer anxious and I’m able to get out and about now.                – Samuel

The music in Alpha tuned to me has changed my workout in the morning dramatically.   – Cynthia


There are none.  

These are just music files (WAV for the computer; MP3 for the phone or tablet).  

They will play on any computer or phone with your built-in music player
(Such as iTunes, Windows Media Player)


Brainwave Assessment System


What you Get:


• 12 Assessment Sounds and Binaural Beats to Find a Person’s Metabolism or Home Note


• 48 CD downloads you can distribute to clients: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta in each of the 12 notes (all contain Gamma)

• Detailed Instructions and Videos on how to do an Assessment


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